Relationship Enhancement

In our busy world, emotional connections are consistently fading and we continue engaging in unhealthy relationships, due to lack of confidence, appropriate communication skills, expressive abilities, low self-esteem and problem solving knowledge.

Our approach towards stability in relationship and finding that right person to love and cherish the rest of our life with, is reflected by the relationships we maintain with our parents, children, extended family members, friends, co-workers, and community in general. It contributes substantially to a global positive or negative life experience.

Chicago Psychological offers an approach focused upon understanding the interpersonal relationship practices.

Do you wish your partner would like to know about your inner thoughts?

The quality of the relationships we have with the various important people in our lives tends to have a profound influence on the overall presentation of our life experience. This is most evident in the way an individual approaches the relationship/dating environment towards long lasting love/marriage.

In our extensive research and clinical practices, we have treated highly successful individuals struggling with:

  • Relationship issues
  • Compatibility issues
  • Infidelity/trust issues
  • Loneliness/depression
  • Communication anxiety/nervousness
  • Anger/verbal/physical abuse
  • Maladaptive assumptions about self and others
  • Negative self- image/personality traits

Our objective is to train individuals and couples towards better communication skills and “relationship mindfulness” leading to healthy, meaningful and enriching lifestyle with their partners.