Multi Cultural Perspective

One of the quintessential features of Chicago Psychological is its approach towards multi-cultural adjustment, acculturation and assimilation process for individuals and families who immigrate from foreign countries and encounter various stressors being in a different place, adjusting to new ways of life, work culture, language and social surroundings.

The cultural confusion, identity crisis, nostalgia of leaving the country, mourning the homeland, folks and familiar environment can cause severe distress, including depression and anxiety. Additionally, the bicultural adjustment for children growing up in immigrant families, continued pressure to achieve and perform, feelings of inadequacy and “not fitting in” the mainstream culture and struggles of balancing cultures and multi-generational differences often leads to lack of self-esteem and confidence.

We are trained to provide culturally sensitive treatment with in-depth understanding of Eastern and other cultures, their dynamics, rituals and treatment philosophy. We understand cultural stigma and reservations towards seeking therapy/psychological treatment for utmost personal issues that immigrant families often experience and are unable to share with anyone. With an unconditional positive regard and genuine effort, we validate and treat culturally different population in a comfortable and warm environment.