Chicago Psychological


Chicago Psychological utilizes cognitive-behavioral and evidence-based treatment approaches towards providing behavioral health services for:

Mood Disorders

Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Symptoms.

Corporate Consults

Organizational Behavior, work-related anxiety/depression, communication skills, conflicts.

LGBTQ Therapy

Adjustment to stages, related Depression and Anxiety, Stress management.

Eating Disorder

Binge Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia, Restrictive Diet, Over Exercise, Mature age ED

Addiction Therapy

Poly-substance abuse/dependence, relapse prevention through CBT and DBT.

Date Coaching

Self esteem, Confidence building, related Anxiety and Stress Management

  • Crisis Intervention: PTSD, Childhood and recent trauma, suicide intervention
  • Adolescents Issues: School Refusal, Peer Pressure, Dating, Post inpatient and PHP Follow ups
  • Maladaptive Behavior Patterns: Obsessive/compulsive traits, phobias, anti-social traits,  Narcissism
  • Psychological Assessment: Depression, ADHD, Learning Disability, Aptitude measures, Personality
  • Neuropsychological Assessment: Executive functioning, Memory measures
  • Multicultural Therapy: Acculturation/Ethnic minority issues, Cultural coaching
  • Work and Career Issues: Career coaching, Work-related stress/anxiety, Work related addiction
  • Family therapy: ADHD, Academic intervention, Impulse control, Behavior Modification, Parenting
  • Grief Therapy: Permanent loss, Relationship loss, Terminal illness
  • Geriatric Therapy: Acceptance of age, Loss and Loneliness, Age-related Depression and Dementia, Hoarding
  • Health Psychology: Adjustment and Coping towards current illness and related life changes
  • Clinical Hypnosis: Relaxation techniques towards PTSD, anxiety  disorders, weight management and smoking cessation.