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Multi Cultural Perspective

Support for stress due to immigration or adjusting to new surroundings.

Relationship Enhancement

Help with Relationship, compatibility, Infidelity, Trust, Anger or nervousness.

Managing Upsets

Help with Abusive Anger, Affairs and Addictions.

TeleHealth Services

Secure HIPAA compliant TeleHealth sessions providing an excellent source of communication and overcoming the barriers of therapeutic services.

Why You Can Trust Chicago Psychological, Our Values

Chicago Psychological welcomes you to a practice of professionals recognized by national professional organization with specialization in the field of psychological and behavioral health.

We believe in treating you with trust and respect, providing compassionate and competent therapeutic services. Building a strong therapeutic alliance through trust and confidence is quintessential to positive change in life.

When life gets tough through  difficulties in relationships, sadness or depression, feelings of anxiety or panic, difficulties controlling your anger, struggling with parenting issues, acculturation/ethnic minorities struggles, grief over the loss of a loved one or a relationship, dealing with substance abuse in yourself or someone you care about…..one should consider beginning treatment with professionals trained with brief, solution-focused, cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach towards changes in core beliefs and restructuring the thought processes towards a better outlook….and that’s Chicago Psychological!

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